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Air Fighter-P (The Best Car Opening Accessories)

     The Dino's Air Fighter-P can help locksmith to finish car opening job quicker and easier, and save much time!
1.     The Air Fighter-P is capable of exerting extreme pressure. Please inflate the Air Fighter-P with extreme care. The manufacturer and distributor of this product are not responsible for injuries to persons or damage to car.

      Description: The Air Fighter-P slides between the car door and the weather stripping on the doorframe. Once the pump is squeezed, inflating the Air Fighter-P, the car door separates from the frame. This allows plenty of room to insert a car-opening tool. Multiple Air Fighter-P units can also be used for installing windows and doors, and holding doors open while installing door hardware. The Air Fighter-P is equipped with a bulb pump and release valve for quick and easy inflating and deflating.
For Automotive Openings

1.     Insert the deflated Air Fighter-P between the door and the weather-stripping at the top corner (see fig.A) the car door furthest from the hinges, or insert Air Fighter-P as fig.B.

2.     Squeeze the pump to inflate the Air Fighter-P creating a gap between the door and the weather stripping.

3.     Insert a car-opening tool and unlock the car.

4.     Press the release valve to deflate.
Installing Windows and Doors

      The Air Fighter-P holds windows and doors in place while leveling for easier installation. Simply slide the Air Fighter-P around the window or door (both top corners and center bottom) and inflate.


1.Thickness (deflated): 2 mm(0.08")

2.Thickness (maximum inflated): 70 mm(2.75")

3.General pressure: 98kgs(220 lbs)

4.Maximum pressure: 196 kgs(440 lbs)

5.Material: fortified Vinyl