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     Remote Control ---    Jelmoli Brand - Fix code    ---

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Length: 50.70mm

Width: 32.60mm

Height: 11.50mm

Battery Type: 23A

Without Jumper



Do It Yourself (DIY)

Remote Controller Duplicator

suitable for Fix code Auto gate & Fix code car's remote controller.


Duplicate Instructions

1.Hold the original(old) transmitter and new transmitter head to head or back to back .

2.Press the first button of original(old)  transmitter and first button of new transmitter,

 hold until  new transmitter blue LED bulb blinking.

3. Now release both buttons, the first button has been duplicated from the original transmitter to new    transmitter completely

4.Repeat steps 1,2 & 3  to copy other buttons.

5.The frequency was pre-set at 315mhz for fix code system or proton cars original remote controller ,immediately in use after successful duplicated.

6.If failure to duplicate the remote controller ,please hold the two buttons together at the same time until the Blue LED blinking for eraser the memory .Now the remote controller is in blank memory ,you can try to duplicate again.